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Item Discovery is a stat in Dark Souls III that increases the player character's chance at receiving an item, armor, or weapon drop from an enemy.


Item Discovery works by comparing the player's value of Item Discovery against the enemies chance to drop items. As an example, if a player has an Item Discovery of 100, and a Pale Tongue has a 1% drop rate, the player's drop rate will be equal to 1%. If the Item Discovery is increased to 400 then the drop rate will increase to 4%. Therefore, maximizing Item Discovery is suggested during farming; otherwise, drop rates will drop quite far in between one another, making a farming session exhausting.

A recommended farming strategy takes place at the end of a playthrough (before heading into a NG+). The player can respec their character to reflect 100 Luck, followed by equipping the Crystal Sage's Rapier (even if the Dexterity/Strength requirement is not met, the Item Discovery bonus is given, so it may be equipped in the off-hand), while wearing the Symbol of Avarice, and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. Following this guideline should bring a player to 350+ Item Discovery. Additionally, a player can consume a Rusted Coin to increase Item Discovery by 50, or a Rusted Gold Coin to increase Item Discovery by 100.

Unbreakable Patches will sell Rusted Coins for 200 souls. If Patches is dead, then the Shrine Handmaid will sell the Rusted Coins for 50 souls if she is given Patches' Ashes.

Items that raise Item DiscoveryEdit

Item Rate increased
Crystal Sage's Rapier
Crystal Sage's Rapier
Symbol of Avarice (DSIII)
Symbol of Avarice
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (DSIII)
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
75 (+1)
100 (+2)
Rusted Coin (DSIII)
Rusted Coin
Rusted Gold Coin
Rusted Gold Coin

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