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Iudex Gundyr is a boss in Dark Souls III.


Gundyr towers above a normal man. He wears intricate cast-iron armor and wields a halberd.


Found in the Cemetery of Ash, near the entrance to Firelink Shrine. He is first found kneeling down and is immune to damage. Once the sword in his chest has been removed, he will rise and the battle will begin.


Once a champion, Gundyr arrived at Firelink Shrine somehow late, and was greeted by a shrine without fire, and a bell that would not toll.[1] Gundyr was bested by an unknown warrior, then became a sheath to the Coiled Sword in the hopes that someday, the First Flame would be linked once more.[2] Gundyr thereby became a judge, awaiting the arrival of chosen ash to give onto them the Coiled Sword.[3] He received a special halberd upon being charged with his duty[4] and was restrained with a steel chain.[5] Sometime during his vigil, he became host to a writhing corruption that possessed a will of its own.

Fight overviewEdit


Gundyr cannot be damaged until the Coiled Sword has been removed from his chest. Once done, he will begin to rise and is vulnerable to damage, even though his health bar won't appear until he has taken up his weapon. Lay into him during this, as he can't retaliate in any way; by the time his health bar appears, you may have already dealt substantial damage to him.


Item Coiled Sword
Coiled Sword
Drop Rate Guaranteed


  • Can be parried and riposted on the first and second phase of the fight.
  • Gundyr is noticeably vulnerable to fire during the second phase.
  • Gundyr drops 15,000 souls, which is more than Vordt on the same NG+ cycle.


  • Iudex is Latin for 'judge', an apt name for this boss as it seems to decide who is worthy to access Firelink Shrine.




Tsukasa Saitoh - Iudex Gundyr (Extended) (Dark Souls III Extended Original Soundtrack)07:56

Tsukasa Saitoh - Iudex Gundyr (Extended) (Dark Souls III Extended Original Soundtrack)

See alsoEdit


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