For the Dark Souls variant, see Izalith Catalyst.

The Izalith Staff is a staff in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Ancient catalyst of the Witch of Izalith and her daughters, used long before the dawn of chaos and of pyromancy.
With the birth of the Chaos Flame, the flame witches were at once both sorcerers and shamans. Faith adjusts the power of sorceries cast using this catalyst, and the staff also seems to boost the power of dark sorceries.
Skill: Steady Chant
Boost the strength of sorceries for a very short period. Works while equipped in either hand.


Found in the Smouldering Lake.

From the Demon Ruins bonfire, proceed through the level until reaching the hallway with two Demon Clerics. Pass through and to the right into a passageway with a Hound Rat. Take the path on the right and continue forward, hitting the wall in front to reveal another passageway.

Proceed forward and drop down into the area with the Giant Hound Rat. Turn to the right and attack to reveal another illusory wall. Attack again to reveal a third illusory wall and a ledge containing the staff.


Despite what it says in the description, regular sorceries do not scale with both Intelligence and Faith, but only with Intelligence.

Offensive sorceries cast with this staff are subpar compared to those produced by the Sorcerer's Staff or the Court Sorcerer's Staff; however, the Faith scaling does apply to dark sorceries, such as Affinity. As such, at proper stat investment this staff becomes the most powerful for casting dark sorceries.

It is a superior choice for dedicated Dark Spell builds, but should players favor a dedicated Intelligence build, then the Murky Longstaff is the superior choice as it does not require Faith, and it boosts damage for Dark Sorceries.


Reinforced with Twinkling Titanite.


  • As the longest staff in game, it has extended reach when casting Farron Flashsword.
  • This staff deals the most physical damage out of all the non-weapon staves.
  • As the spell buff stat does not have effect on spells like Spook and Great Magic Shield, combined with the fact that there are only a few dark sorceries in the game, this can allow for a build that supports good damage and good utility for those with high Attunement.
  • Some people have reported a bug with the Steady Chant of this staff; damage for dark sorceries seems to decline rather than increase when it is active. (needs confirmation)


  • Although this is the staff of the original flame witches, who would later go on to mother pyromancy, it is interesting to note that it does not produce any Fire damage at all. Instead, it has an affinity for the Dark.


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