Not to be confused with Undead Jailer.

Jailers are enemies in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

The jailers were among the few survivors inhabiting the Profaned Capital, later serving under Pontiff Sulyvahn. Perhaps the screams emanating from the cells help them forget their old home.[1]


Jailers are former inhabitants of the Profaned Capital who managed to escape its collapse and were recruited by Pontiff Sulyvahn to oversee the prison. They are tall humanoid enemies that carry lanterns and wield branding irons in combat. Their lanterns emit a gas that can curse the player and they can paralyze them with their weapons.

By far their most dangerous ability is to rapidly reduce the player's maximum health just by looking in their direction. Both attacks combined make for a devastating combination that can kill a player with full health in just a few seconds.


Found in the two cell blocks of the Irithyll Dungeon, with seven of them patrolling the second one and one more guarding Karla's cell.


Jailers often patrol in groups and is vital that the player picks them off one by one or their health will drop rapidly. Although this effect only lasts for a short time, it can be potentially lethal if other enemies are nearby, so eliminating Jailers should be prioritized over lesser foes.

If they detect the player, they will emit a red aura and begin laughing before rushing toward their location. Using ranged weapons to kill them before the debuff takes effect is recommended. If forced into close ranged combat, staying behind them will prevent the health drain.

Fortunately, they are very slow and tend to leave their backs open for backstabs frequently. They are also not very aggressive and hiding from them for just a few seconds is usually enough for them to stop chasing. They are notably slow while turning around, giving the player ample time to backstab them before they turn hostile.

If they are attacked with enough force, they will get knocked down. This is both an advantage and a hindrance, since they will be left open for a finishing blow, but at the same time they may land away from the player's reach, allowing them to stand up and commence their health draining attack.


Item Simple Gem
Simple Gem
Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron
Aristocrat's Mask
Aristocrat's Mask
Jailer Robe
Jailer Robe
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Jailer Gloves
Jailer Gloves
Jailer Trousers
Jailer Trousers
Drop Rate ??? ???


  • Immune to Rapport.
  • The player cannot actually die from the Jailers' HP draining effect.
  • The player's HP bar will restore itself with time, but the actual health lost won't.
  • Besides the actual HP bar being reduced, the player can know they are being affected by a Jailer's draining effect by a slight visual red cue on their body and the sound of a pumping heart.
  • Interestingly, if you perform the "Rest" Gesture near them, the HP Drain will have no effect.



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