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"You're here to save me...?
But I am guilty. A wretched child of the Abyss.
Is that something you can forgive?"
— Karla

Karla is a character and merchant in Dark Souls III. She sells dark pyromancies, dark sorceries and dark miracles in Firelink Shrine after she has been freed from her cell in the Irithyll Dungeon.


Karla is a child of the Abyss, clad in grey, tattered robes and wearing a hat not unlike the one worn by Witch Beatrice. She is ashamed of her origins, but will agree to teach the Ashen One numerous Dark spells, as well as certain standard pyromancies.


Karla is located in a locked cell in the lower level of the Irithyll Dungeon. To unlock the cell, the player must find the Jailer's Key Ring located in the Profaned Capital. The player must then backtrack to the Irithyll Dungeon to free her. After exhausting her dialogue, Karla will become a merchant in Firelink Shrine.

General informationEdit

Pyromancies, sorceries and miracles trainer. Accepts the following tomes:



Available Item Cost
1 Affinity 15,000
1 Dark Edge 8,000

Londor Braille Divine TomeEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Dark Blade 10,000
1 Dead Again 5,000
1 Vow of Silence 15,000

Deep Braille Divine TomeEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Deep Protection 4,000
1 Gnaw 2,000

Grave Warden Pyromancy TomeEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Black Flame 10,000
1 Black Fire Orb 10,000

Quelana Pyromancy TomeEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Fire Whip 10,000
1 Firestorm 15,000
1 Rapport 7,000


Item Karla's Ashes
Karla's Ashes
Karla's Pointed Hat
Karla's Pointed Hat
Karla's Coat
Karla's Coat
Karla's Gloves
Karla's Gloves
Karla's Trousers
Karla's Trousers
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed

Dialogue Edit

Introduction "Oh, there you are. I thought you'd all but forgotten me. How sweet. Good to know that a skinny little heretic can still turn heads. Hm?'re not one of them, are you? Accept my apologies, for mistaking you for one of those leeches. So, what business have you here? This is a land of monstrosities. And I am no exception."
Choosing "Offer Help" "You're here to save me...? But I am guilty. A wretched child of the Abyss. Is that something you can forgive?"
Choosing "Do not help her" "You're very frank. If you've no business here, take your leave at once. For your own sake."
Choosing "Save her nonetheless" "Oh, really. You are no ordinary man. Very well. Besides, I've grown tired of imprisonment. I am Karla, and I accept your proposal."
Choosing "Do not save her" "You're very frank. If you've no business here, take your leave at once. For your own sake."
Talking to her after choosing to not help her "What is it? Something else? Ahh, don't fret over me, I'm stuck here anyway."
Speaking to her at Firelink Shrine "Ahh, there you are. As I said, I am Karla. And am grateful to you. Now, what shall we do. The only thing that might interest you is my sorcery. Although my dark arts are a detestable sort. That wouldn't interest you, would it?"
Choosing "Ask to learn" "You're a wicked one, aren't you? Very well. Humans are of the dark, and you are no different. Some may avert their eyes, but the truth remains the truth. Be careful though. Few humans are privy to this knowledge. Let it be a secret, between you and I..."
Choosing "Decline to learn" "???"
Greeting "Ahh, hello again. Thank goodness. Yes, yes, you require my sorceries, I presume?"

"Ah, hello again. Thank goodness. One can become quite attached, even to a bumbling apprentice. Oh, I'm hardly serious."

Talk "There is one thing that you should know. There is a darkness within man, and I am afraid you will peer into it. Whether the fear will spark self-reflection, or a ruinous nostalgia... is up to you entirely. Fear not, your choice will bring you no scorn."
Giving her the Quelana Pyromancy Tome "Oh, a pyromancy tome, have we? Quelana, Witch of Izalith...well, this is a fascinating pyromancy... Very well. If this is your wish. I will unravel the thing the best I can. Besides. It will be nice to play master for once."
Giving her the Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome "Oh, another pyromancy tome, have we? And one that resonates with the dark, yes, well suited to me... I may be a heretical sorcerer, but you bring me nothing but pyromancies! Fiendish little lad, you..."
Attempting to give her any Divine Tome "Oh, is this a Divine Tome? What on earth are you thinking? I wouldn't go near a Divine Tome, or any so-called miracle. And casters of miracles are sure to steer clear of me. So, please. Don't torture me so."
Giving her any Divine Tome "Ahh, you, how could you... Ahhh.... I know, I know. I owe my life to you. Fine, then. Just this once, I will tell you this tale. But do understand, it will be my first time. I'll have no sniggering, should I err."
Giving the Firekeeper her Eyes "Oh, are you lost on your journey? No matter; today's lost are conquerors tomorrow.

It only demonstrates the making of a champion. And besides, it will not change my sense of gratitutde, or how I think of you."

Leaving "Do stay safe"
Upon death "You're a fickle one, and vicious..."


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