Devouts of the Deep are enemies in Dark Souls III.


As their name states, these hollowed worshippers of the Church of the Deep are slightly larger than their compatriots. They are identical to the Large Hollow Soldiers and wield the same weapons, although they wear priest's robes rather than armor.


Found in various places throughout the Cathedral of the Deep, mainly in open areas and rooftops.


As with all undead enemies, large devouts are very vulnerable to fire damage and will flinch if ignited. They are mainly encountered on the rooftops around the cathedral, so the player should be mindful of their footing. Apart from aesthetic differences, they are identical to Large Hollow Soldiers and the same tactics can be used against them.


Item Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem
Greataxe (DSIII)
Halberd (DSIII)
Drop Rate ??? ???
(greataxe wielders)
(halberd wielders)

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