The Large Magic Ember is a weapon-enhancement tool in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Ember required for weapon ascension. large magic ember, a form of sorcery. handled only by the Vinheim blacksmiths.
Ascends +5 magic weapons. Allows reinforcement to +10, the most powerful level for magic weapons.


Found in The Duke's Archives, after encountering Seath the Scaleless in the Crystal Cave. Found in the center of the room where the player first encounters Seath, in a chest.

General InformationEdit

Given to Rickert of Vinheim in New Londo Ruins to further ascend magic weapons from +5 to +6, allowing for further magic weapon reinforcement from +6 to +10 (the highest it can go).


Big Hat Logan (dialogues) and Large Magic Ember location 1 2

Big Hat Logan (dialogues) and Large Magic Ember location 1 2

Large Magic Ember's location

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