For the Dark Souls variant, see Large Soul of a Proud Knight.

The Large Soul of a Proud Knight is a consumable soul item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Large soul of a proud undead knight who has long ago gone Hollow.
Use to acquire souls.
Souls are the source of all life, and are sought by the Undead, and even the Hollowed.


Consume to acquire 3,000 souls.


  • In the fire pit in Forest of Fallen Giants.
  • Near the Soldier's Rest bonfire, in a chest on top of some scaffolding in Forest of Fallen Giants. Requires Soldier Key.
  • On a ledge near the Pharros Contraption in No-man's Wharf.
  • Near the three traps that activate streams of lava in Iron Keep.
  • At the Royal Army Campsite in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
  • On a ledge near the second bonfire of Shaded Woods on the way to the Shrine of Winter.
  • In the house after the Ogre in Shrine of Amana.
  • After the third bonfire in Shrine of Amana, follow the rock wall to the right after exiting the cave.
  • Next to a ruined structure before the Demon of Song boss fight in Shrine of Amana.
  • In the room with bell-ringing hollows in Undead Crypt, in an alcove.
  • In the courtyard in Memory of Orro.
  • On top of scaffolding accessible by ladder in Memory of Orro.
  • In the large building before the second bonfire of Huntsman's Copse when Bonfire Intensity is 2 or above.