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For the Dark Souls II variant, see Old Leo Ring.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Leo Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Leo Ring is a ring in Dark Souls. Along with the Hawk Ring, the Hornet Ring and the Wolf Ring, the Leo Ring was one of the four rings gifted to the Four Knights of Gwyn.

In-Game Description

One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn. The Leo Ring belonged to Ornstein the Dragonslayer. His lugged spear is said to have sliced a boulder in two.


It is necessary to kill Executioner Smough first, in order to obtain this ring. Once the boss fight ends, Dragonslayer Ornstein will leave the ring behind.


Raises counter attack damage with Thrust attacks by approximately 40%, for a total of about 68% increase in base damage.

It does not affect critical attacks, like backstabbing and riposting, or stagger damage.


  • In rare occasions Ornstein may fall out of the arena, making this ring unobtainable.


  • Prior to patch 1.04, it was necessary to kill Ornstein first to collect the ring.

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