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Leydia Pyromancers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Leydia apostles, in their conceit, occupied the Undead Crypt and misused death. This invoked the ire of Fenito, who branded them as transgressors.


Leydia Pyromancers are ghostly figures wearing navy cloaks, and wielding a sword and shield. They are about the size of the Bearer of the Curse, if not a bit bigger. They levitate slightly above the ground and move quite fluidly.

Their attacks are comprised of fast and nimble swings with their swords, as well as advanced high damaging magic spells that are better to dodge than to block. They also, as their name implies, cast Pyromancies.

These enemies drop some very useful gear, such as a magic imbued straightsword, capable of casting sorceries (but not Hexes) and a small shield with exquisite stats for its weight, that when infused with magic blocks 100% magic damage. They also drop stones of dark and lightning infusion.

Strategy Edit

The Leydia Pyromancers are by far one of the most deadliest foes any player can encounter. They are capable of very damaging combos with their sword and often cast Soul Geyser or a single pillar of fire from the Firestorm pyromancy spell that spawns directly beneath a player, often stunning them from the damage and possibly killing them outright. The way they fight is especially peculiar as they seem to wander, circling the player, and they will do one of two things: cast a spell, if the player tries to keep their distance; or they simply lunge themselves without warning or any sort of telegraphy for the player to react.

To kill these enemies, players must be patient and focus on one at a time. Consider approaching them to bait their attacks and blocking them (their attacks have very good tracking dodging is ill advised), when they are done, attack them relentlessly to stunlock them and hopefully kill them. Dodge only their magic spells, never their physical attacks. Due to the nature of the area players will fight them in (which is filled with debris and tight spots), it is not a good idea to kill them with ranged attacks, unless the player is either using a fast firing bow, or has a reasonable spell casting speed as well as a good line of sight.


They appear in the Undead Crypt. They appear from the black coffins in several chambers. They will continue to respawn until the coffin has been destroyed. They will only appear if a player gets too close to the coffins, or if one of the bells scattered around the Crypt is rung.

There are also six pillars near Velstadt. These can't be destroyed, but can be disabled, until one rests at a bonfire, by killing the Hollow that rings the bell. The Hollow is found under the stairs at the start of the room.


Item Blue Flame
Blue Flame
Magic Shield
Magic Shield
Darknight Stone
Darknight Stone
Drop Rate - - - -
Item Leydia White Hood
Leydia White Hood
Leydia White Robe
Leydia White Robe
Leydia Gauntlets
Leydia Gauntlets
Drop Rate - - -


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