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Licia of Lindeldt is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II.


Licia is first encountered in Heide's Tower of Flame after defeating the Dragonrider, and is next to the Tower of Flame bonfire.

She will relocate to Majula after exhausting her dialogue, down the steps behind Sweet Shalquoir's house, where she can be found next to the Rotunda device that cannot be activated by the player. She can then open a route to Huntsman's Copse in return for 2,000 souls.

If Licia is killed without invasion, Merchant Hag Melentia will sell Licia's armor, the Saint's Set, after the area has been reset (that is, resting at a bonfire).


Licia sells a variety of miracles to the player, and the useful Ring of Prayer, which boosts a player's Faith. She is able to use the strange contraption that can toggle the path from leading to Heide's Tower of Flame and Huntsman's Copse through the use of the Rotunda Lockstone (although she claims it runs on miracles). How she gained possession of this item is unknown, but she will drop it if killed.

If the player talks to her with 30 Faith, she will gift them with the Idol's Chime and the Saint's Set.

If the player obtains the Crushed Eye Orb from the Undead Crypt and goes to Licia, then it will begin to "stir", allowing the player to use it to invade her world. Upon which, she will comment on how she has been "found out" and can kill the player "guilt free". This likely refers to her theft of the Soothing Sunlight miracle, or perhaps her tricking the player with the rotunda. When she is defeated using the Crushed Eye Orb, her armor set, the Idol's Chime, the miracle Soothing Sunlight and the Rotunda Lockstone are all dropped.

It is most likely she is responsible for the theft of the Soothing Sunlight miracle from the Lindelt Monastery, given its theft described on the miracle's description.


If the player decides he or she has no further business with Licia and opts to kill her, they can take two courses of action:

Heide's Tower of FlameEdit

To gain the Rotunda Lockstone very early in the game for free, the best way to do it is when she's met at her first location in Heide's Tower of Flame. Equip any thrusting sword available in your inventory (most likely the Mail Breaker found in the Forest of Fallen Giants) and start attacking her. When she's struck for the third time, she'll stand up and try to retaliate. With each subsequent hit, she'll get staggered and be pushed back a little. Just keep pushing her to the opening on her left until she falls into the ocean (the opening in front of her has a segment of staircase below which will save her from the fall). Now rest at the nearby bonfire and the Idol's Chime and Rotunda Lockstone will appear for you to collect. Be aware that by killing her, you'll commit a sin, lose the "Gathering of Exiles" Achievement/Trophy, and won't have access to her wares anymore.


If the player decides to kill her later in the game, thus gaining a barely less profitable loot (taking into account the 2,000 souls they paid her at the Majula's contraption and the price for selling all pieces of the Saint's Set), but also obtaining the Soothing Sunlight miracle for free, it is required to fight her using the Crushed Eye Orb, this will turn Licia hostile and into a dark spirit.

Licia is by far one of the most dangerous NPCs in the game when provoked, as she is capable of casting some of the best miracles available. She is especially deadly when fought in NG+, and is known to kill players outright with a single attack.

She will cast four miracles in particular: a unique orb of lightning, Blinding Bolt (which can kill players extremely fast if one does not have ample Lightning defense), a variation of Wrath of the Gods which deals Physical damage, and Soothing Sunlight to heal herself when she is below 50% health.

Since Licia is ridiculously deadly, a strategy in particular should be considered, which is to simply acquire any weapon that can cause knockback, like a great hammer or ultra greatsword; this is because when two-handed they possess a strong attack that can knock enemies to the ground. Simply strike her, wait for her to stand up and repeat the process until she dies.

If the player is a mage or simply cannot wield heavier weapons efficiently due to stat requirements, then it is recommended to acquire the Profound Still spell, a strong rapier and straight sword, a dagger, and also to possess some items that generate or at least raise a player's number spell of uses or attunement slots.

In doing so, casting Profound Still will cause her to start attacking players with her fists (beware, as she still deals formidable damage), but can be easily stun-locked with any fast hitting weapon and is easily backstabbed by simply rolling away from her punches. When the player feels like Profound Still is about to wear off, or has already worn off, then simply wait for her to cast a spell, hide behind the pillar and cast yours. Repeat until she dies.

Alternatively, a similar strategy as that mentioned for Heide's Tower of Flame can be applied, by attacking her evenly with a thrusting sword, slowly pushing her up the staircase and then making her fall into the ocean.

Be aware that the Crushed Eye Orb can only be obtained toward the end of the game (in a chest at Undead Crypt), and to use it, it's required that all four Old Ones have been defeated first.

Character InformationEdit



Item Saint's Hood
Saint's Hood
Saint's Dress
Saint's Dress
Saint's Long Gloves
Saint's Long Gloves
Saint's Trousers
Saint's Trousers
Idol's Chime
Idol's Chime
Drop Rate Guaranteed* Guranteed* Guaranteed* Guaranteed* Guaranteed
Item Rotunda Lockstone
Rotunda Lockstone
Soothing Sunlight II
Soothing Sunlight
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed*
* Must be killed by invasion with the Crushed Eye Orb.

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
??? ~9636 2,500 5,000


  • Killing her early will prevent the player from getting the "Gathering of Exiles" Achievement/Trophy.
  • In combat she uses many miracles, including Wrath of the Gods, Great Heal and Blinding Bolt.
  • There is a bug while invading Licia where the player simultaneously kills Licia the moment Licia kills the player. In this scenario, Licia will not be found back in the Rotunda Stone room, the crushed eye orb will not activate, and the player will not receive Licia's drops.
  • Using Bonfire Ascetics at Majula will increase her difficulty when using the Crushed Eye Orb to invade her.
  • When invading her, the room is compact which makes the battle harder due to the fact that her Wrath of the Gods can cause a lot of damage and has long range.
  • Any shield with 100% physical damage reduction can block her Wrath of the Gods attack.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, if she is killed before being invaded by the Nameless Usurper, then said invader will not appear in Drangleic Castle or Undead Crypt, thus meaning she is indeed said usurper. This consequence could've been intended at the beginning of the game's release, or was added in as many players theorized the Nameless Usurper to be Licia as it donned her clothing, though only used a dagger.



  • Licia's in-game name refers to her as being from "Lindeldt", yet the rest of items which provide some lore about this place refer to it as "Lindelt", and even some have been corrected to this term in later revisions of the game.
  • Given the fact that the Nameless Usurper won't invade after killing Licia, some people in the gaming community have speculated if both characters are one and the same.

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