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For the Dark Souls variant, see Tiny Being's Ring.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Life Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Life Ring is a ring and starting gift in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An old ring set with a red jewel.
Raises maximum HP.
Each ring has a different power, and even very modest rings can be a great boon on a perilous journey.


  • Can be obtained as a starting gift.
  • Down the ladder in the room with five ballistae in the Forest of Fallen Giants, there is a locked door in a corner of the room. Hitting or attempting to open the door will cause an enemy inside to open in, where a chest containing the ring can be found.
  • The +1 variant can be found in a chest in the Iron Keep. In the large outdoor area where the Smelter Demon is accessed, the chest is toward the far end of the area, on the middle platform.
  • The +2 variant can be found in the Shrine of Amana, just before the third bonfire. After the house when heading from the second bonfire to the third, head to the small island where an enemy is. Head left to a large alcove with roots and find the Life Ring+2 and the Singer's Dress.
  • The +3 variant can be found in a chest near an Iron Warrior in Brume Tower, above the Foyer bonfire (video).


The standard version raises maximum HP by 5%, the +1 variant by 7.5%, the +2 variant by 12.5%, and the +3 variant by 15%.

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