Lifegems are restorative items and starting gifts in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Small stone made up of crystallized souls. Gradually restores a small amount of HP.
These stones are often found next to corpses. As such is the case, perhaps one could call this item the dead husk of a soul.


  • Lifegems can be obtained as drops from certain enemies, as well as picked up from corpses found throughout Drangleic.
  • Nearly every starting class receives 10 Lifegems; the exceptions being the Explorer (which receives 20) and the Deprived (which receives none).
  • Along with a collection of other restorative items, an additional 10 Lifegems can be obtained if Healing Wares is chosen as a starting gift.
  • 10 are initially sold by Merchant Hag Melentia for 300 souls. Once the player has killed the Last Giant and exhausted Melentia's dialogue, she will move to Majula where she sells an unlimited supply.
  • When summoned as a shade or phantom, enemies will drop Lifegems.


  • Restores 500 HP over 11 seconds.


  • Lifegems are not allowed to be used to heal in any kind of PvP.


  • The Lifegem is reminiscent of the Verdite, a green magic gem with healing properties that is a prominent part of From Software's other license, King's Field.

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