For the Dark Souls variant, see Lightning Spear.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Lightning Spear (Dark Souls II).

Lightning Spear is a miracle in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Miracle allegedly used by Warriors of Sunlight.
Hurls a lightning Spear.
The spears inflict lightning damage, providing an effective counter to magic or fire. Especially powerful against metal armor and dragons.


Found in the Farron Keep. From the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire, at the ruined fortress, take the lift up and climb the stairs to the right. Turn around and search for a broken part of the scenery, near the corner and opposite to the Stray Demon. Drop to the ledges below and proceed onward. The miracle can be found in an open area amongst two Crystal Lizards, near a dead wyvern.


Hurls a lightning spear at the target to inflict Lightning damage. Deals additional damage to very close targets when cast.

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