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Lion Warrior

Lion Clan Warriors are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Lion Warriors are members of the bestial Lion Clan. Not much is known about the origins of the Lion Clan race as they suddenly appeared without warning. They seem to be completely unrelated to humanity and have a great hatred towards both men and undead. Their presence in the ruins and steadfast defense of it against any intruder seems a mystery. There are two variants: the average dark maned warrior and a more powerful gold maned version found near Manscorpion Tark.

Strategy Edit

Lion Warriors are incredibly hard to stagger, and thus are best fought by provoking an attack, dodging, and countering. After they swing their axe, roll or sprint to their shielded side and backstab them. Rinse and repeat. They are resistant to most forms of magic, but seem slightly vulnerable to fire. Regardless, it is encouraged to keep a weapon without any source of elemental damage and that can quickly perform a backstab, as such, daggers can prove to be very powerful against them.

Also their attacks cause curse build-up.


  • Single slash to the left.
  • Single slash to the right.
  • Twofold slash and leap. Slashes twice and leaps forward with a third slash.


Item Lion Warrior Helm
Lion Warrior Helm
Lion Warrior Cape
Lion Warrior Cape
Lion Warrior Cuffs
Lion Warrior Cuffs
Lion Warrior Skirt
Lion Warrior Skirt
Drop Rate Drops from Gold-maned version  ???  ???  ???
Item Lion Clan Shield
Lion Clan Shield
Lion Greataxe
Lion Greataxe
Triclops Snake Troches
Triclops Snake Troches
Fang Key
Fang Key
Drop Rate  ???  ???  ??? Guaranteed (Petrified)


  • Every piece of the Lion Warrior Set has a special fall damage reduction, similar to the Silvercat Ring, albeit less pronounced, though when added up will still be almost as good. It will stack with said ring for an increased effect.
  • The Gold Maned Lion Warrior is the only version that will drop the Lion Warrior Helm, and the Red Lion Warrior Cape, a different version of the regular Lion Warrior cape, which has increased physical defenses and an increased fall damage resistance.
  • Performing the Guard Break move on them does not allow the player to perform riposte, even when performed while they are shielded.


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