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Lion Knight Albert is a non-respawning enemy in Dark Souls III.


A knight clad in the Faraam Set and wielding a Greataxe and the Golden Wing Crest Shield.

Even though he carries a shield, he will not use it during combat and will instead rely only on using sheer force by wielding his weapon with both hands the whole encounter, usually trying to start attacking by jumping toward the player and slamming it onto the ground.




He is encountered as part of an ambush in the big courtyard of the Grand Archives. His two companions, Kamui and Kriemhild, will usually provide ranged support while he engages in close combat with the player.

It is not advisable to fight all three enemies at once, and instead try to draw them in one by one with ranged attacks. However, even if only one of them has been attacked, the other two will join the fight after a determined amount of time, so one must deal as much damage as possible before they arrive.

Albert's attacks are very slow and predictable, and he usually requires a couple of seconds to recover from most of them, which leaves him frequently open to backstabs. Always let him attack first and then retaliate.

If his companions are giving trouble with their ranged attacks, one can retreat inside the library, where walls can provide cover, and try to finish them there one by one.


Item Golden Wing Crest Shield
Golden Wing Crest Shield
Drop Rate Guaranteed




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