Lloyd's Sword Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Ring given to knights of the Way of White. Depicts Allfather Lloyd's Sword of Law.
Boosts attack power when HP is full.
Much time has passed since the worship of Lloyd was common in the Way of White. The clerics of Carim had always strongly asserted that Lloyd was a derivative fraud, and that the Allfather title was self-proclaimed.


Found on a corpse in the Cathedral of the Deep. The body can be found lying on the central wall of the "U"-shaped corridor on the second floor, where the first Giant Slave attacks.


Boosts attack power by 12.5% when the player's HP is at least at 98% full.


Lloyd's Sword Ring occupies a special niche, allowing players to deal increased damage while they are at full or nearly full HP. This increased damage can be useful for getting increased damage in on enemies at the start of battle, but is particularly powerful when the ring is equipped on a bow user. So long as the player can maintain their distance and avoid taking damage, they can boost the damage output of their arrows over several shots.

Because it is very difficult to maintain the ring's effect during and after melee combat, it is best to combine this ring with items that provide restorative effects, such as the Sun Princess Ring and weapons infused with a Blessed Gem.This way, its effect may be recovered between battles without having to consume too many Estus Flask uses.


  • The ring's effect triggers about at 98% of the player's HP, allowing them to take a small amount of damage and still gain the attack boost.

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