For the Dark Souls III variant, see Court Sorcerer's Staff.

Logan's Catalyst is a catalyst in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Catalyst of Big Hat Logan, the great sorcerer and seeker of knowledge. Originally the same catalyst employed by the Vinheim sorcerers, only terribly strengthened over time due to Logan's use. Very powerful when used by one of superior intelligence.


Found in a chest in a small library room in The Duke's Archives. The same room where Big Hat Logan moves to and sells his wares, after being freed from the prison cell. The chest will only spawn after Big Hat Logan has gone insane and been defeated in the upper chambers of the archives, where Seath the Scaleless is initially found.


Logan's catalyst is one of the best catalysts to use at higher intelligence levels. At 41 Intelligence and beyond, the only catalyst with higher magic adjust is the Tin Crystallization Catalyst (which, unlike Logan's Catalyst, halves casts). Logan's Catalyst initially has inferior magic adjust than other catalysts, but catches up later thanks to its great scaling.

Magic AdjustEdit

Logan's Catalyst starts with a low 100 Magic Adjust at 24 intelligence. It will have a great scaling of 12 Magic Adjust per intelligence, until 30 intelligence, where it will hit a soft cap at 160 Magic Adjust. Its scaling will then go down to increments of 5 Magic Adjust per intelligence, all the way to 45 intelligence, where it will have 234 Magic Adjust. It will overtake the other "normal" catalysts at 41 intelligence. Past 45 intelligence, Logan's Catalyst will have virtually no further improvements from scaling.

Intelligence Magic Adjust
24 100
30 160
35 185
40 210
45 234
50 236
99 250