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Logan's Scroll is a key item in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Secret scroll of the Profaned Capital court sorcerers, containing sorceries of Logan.
Give to a sorcerer to learn Logan's Sorceries.
The court sorcerers used this scroll to claim heirship to Logan's legacy, though how that claim stands up to closer scrutiny is another story.


Dropped by the Unkindled Apprentice in the Profaned Capital. From the Profaned Capital bonfire, go down the interior ladder and through the broken wall, turn to the left and enter the tunnel. Proceed through the toxic swamp to a building with a ladder, climb up to the top of the building. On the roof is the enemy, kill him to obtain the scroll.


Give to Orbeck in Firelink Shrine to upgrade his stock of sorceries.

Unlocked sorceries include:

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