Looking Glass Phantoms are Dark Spirits in Dark Souls II.


Looking Glass Phantoms are humanoid spirits that reside in a mysterious dimension inside the King's Mirror. This includes the ornate mirrors in Aldia's Keep and even the shield of the Looking Glass Knight. When summoned or if they sense the living, they break out of the mirror and attack the player.

There are two variants of the phantoms. The first version wields an ultra greatsword and greatshield whilst the other phantom wields a halberd.


Ultra Greatsword wielder armor and weaponry:

Right hand: Greatsword

Left hand: Orma's Greatshield

Head Armor: Drangleic Helm

Chest Armor: Llewellyn Armor

Hands Armor: Llewellyn Gloves

Legs Armor: Llewellyn Shoes

Halberd wielder armor and weaponry:

Right hand: Syan's Halberd

Left hand: Pate's Shield

Head Armor: Elite Knight Helm

Chest Armor: Elite Knight Armor

Hands Armor: Elite Knight Gloves

Legs Armor: Elite Knight Leggings


There is a short delay before the phantoms break out of the mirror during which the player can move into position to backstab them. Their attacks can be easily blocked with a strong shield and it is possible to parry their swings, a shield bash can also be used to stagger them.

The phantoms encountered in Aldia's Keep will be triggered when the player approaches certain mirrors, it is advisable to draw out each phantom one at a time and eliminate them before summoning the next.

The Phantoms summoned by the Looking Glass Knight can be prevented from leaving the mirror if enough damage is dealt to the boss. This will cancel the summon although the Knight will attempt to bring forth another one after a period of time. A maximum of two phantoms can be present on the battlefield so it is advisable to defeat them as quickly as possible to avoid getting surrounded.

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