Lord Gwyn's Firstborn, also known as the Old God of War, is a mentioned character in Dark Souls.


Lord Gwyn's firstborn, the God of War, inherited the sunlight from his father, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight.[1] He once wore an ancient ring capable of boosting the strength of miracles.[2] He was said to have had respect only for arms and nothing else,[1] and wielded the Sunlight Blade and Great Lightning Spear miracles.[3][1]

His foolishness led to a loss of the annals of history, and in punishment he was stripped of his deific status, expunged from history,[4] and his name has since been forgotten.[2] Sunlight Blade, which had the power to boost a weapon with rays of the sun in the form of lightning, was left on Gwyn's coffin, perhaps as a final farewell.[3]

In Dark Souls 3, the item descriptions and in game text now paints a more definitive picture:

  • Speculation has led many to believe therefore that the Nameless King (also known as the King of the Storm) is in fact Gwyn's long lost first born and was expunged from the annals history for his defection to the side of the everlasting dragons and rejection of the age of fire. For more details see the Dark Souls 3 wiki.
  • He is most likely the First Born Son of Gwyn. The Storm Curved Sword states, "When the great beast fell, the king claimed his soul, as was the custom in the age of gods." so we know he is at least as old as Dark Souls 1 and his other item the Dragonslayer Swordspear states, "The swordspear is imbued with lightning, of which he was the heir.". Thus being at least as old as the Age of the Gods and the heir to lightning(Sunlight) there leaves little room as to who he is if he is a character already established in lore.

Warrior of SunlightEdit

Gwyn's firstborn shares an iconic symbol with the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, the Sunlight Medal.[4] The covenant itself is closely related to the firstborn, the members being referred to as his warriors, and the god is said to watch over the covenant closely.[4] Assuming the player meets the correct requisites, it is possible to join by praying at the Sunlight Altar, located in the Undead Parish, or by talking to Solaire of Astora, a fanatical member.

Statues Edit

A statue of a mother holding a sword-wielding child, thought to represent the God of War, is located in front the Sunlight Altar bonfire. This statue also appears in several places, such as above the Firelink Altar and behind the coffin holding the Darkmoon Seance Ring. The sword the child is wielding shares a distinct resemblance to the Sunlight Straight Sword.

There is a missing statue in the cathedral housing Gwynevere, which most likely depicted the adult God of War, and was removed when he was expunged from the annals.

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