A Lord Soul is a unique soul item in Dark Souls. They are used to satiate the Lordvessel in the Firelink Altar, and gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.

Gravelord Nito's SoulEdit

In-Game Description

Soul of Gravelord Nito, first of the dead. This Lord Soul was discovered at the dawn of the Age of Fire.
Gravelord Nito administers the death of all manner of beings. The power of his soul is so great that it satiates the Lordvessel, despite the fact that much of its energy has already been offered to death.

Bed of Chaos' SoulEdit

In-Game Description

Soul of the Bed of Chaos and the mother of all demons. This Lord Soul was found at the dawn of the Age of Fire.
The Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame from a soul, but instead created a distorted being of chaos and fire. Its power formed a bed of life which would become the source of all demons, and is more than enough to satiate the Lordvessel.


Gravelord Nito and the Bed of Chaos both drop a Lord Soul upon their defeat.


The Lord Souls are four incredibly powerful souls that were found in the First Flame during the Age of Ancients. These souls were found by four beings, who upon claiming them were transformed by them.

A soul of death was found by Nito, First of the Dead. It transformed Nito into a creature of death and disease, an amalgamation of skeletons constituting his body.

A soul of life was found by the Witch of Izalith, which granted her power over fire and whose power would later become corrupted by the Witch's attempt to recreate the First Flame, giving birth to countless foul demons.

A soul of light was found by Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. This soul gave Gwyn the power of Miracles and allowed him to weave lightning and light freely. Gwyn would later split his soul, giving fragments of it to worthy servants such as Seath the Scaleless and the Four Kings.

And lastly, the Dark Soul was found by the Furtive Pygmy. The Pygmy split his soul into countless fragments, becoming the ancestor of the human race. The Pygmy hoped that one day, the Dark Lord would be born among humanity, someone who could end the Age of Fire and usher in the Age of Dark.