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This article is about the characters appearing throughout the Souls series. For the gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III, see Lord of Cinder.

The Lords of Cinder are characters in Dark Souls III.


The Lords of Cinder are heroes who have linked the First Flame and prolonged the Age of Fire, rather than become Dark Lords.


Dark SoulsEdit

Dark Souls IIEdit

Dark Souls IIIEdit

* Depending on the player's chosen endings, both the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, and Ashen One could be considered Lords of Cinder.
** It is implied that Lothric never actually linked the fire despite being destined to. Instead, he chose to watch from a distance as the fire faded.[1]
*** The Soul of Cinder is a deific manifestation of the previous Lords of Cinder.



  1. Soul of the Twin Princes description.
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