Lothric Knights are enemies in Dark Souls III.


The former guardians of the Lothric Royal family and its walls, these once great knights have been reduced to violent hollows decaying in their armor, endlessly patrolling the castle.

There are three versions that the player encounters throughout the game. One that wields a straight sword and shield, one that wields a pike and dons a greatshield, and one that wields only an ultra greatsword.

Early on, they are introduced as stronger enemies with their faceplates down as standard knights. However, as one delves deeper into Lothric Castle, elite Lothric Knights with their faceplates raised replace their standard brethren.



Lothric Knights possess a significant amount of health and are aggressive fighters; however, most of their attacks are easy to dodge through and can easily be backstabbed by dodging behind them at the end of any of their attack chains. They are susceptible to parries, and by kicking when their shields are raised or one too many attacks are absorbed, one can score a critical hit after breaking their guard.

They utilize various weapon arts depending upon what they wield. For instance, the straight sword-wielding knights can perform a broad, horizontal slash that inflicts heavy stamina damage if blocked, and a vicious lunge attack that is surprisingly-fast and deals heavy damage whilst potentially knocking the player down.

Lothric Knights with open visors and red eyes are much more dangerous opponents, with both greater vitality and attack power. They are far more aggressive, have more stamina to prevent their guard being broken easily, and utilize their weapon arts more often to keep pressure on the player.

Many Lothric Knights are also capable of buffing their weapons with the Blessed Weapon miracle, to inflict even more damage. However, the knights encountered in the Grand Archives will instead buff their weapon with a sorcery akin to Crystal Magic Weapon.




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