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A Loyce Soul is a soul in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King.

In-Game Description

Soul of the Knights of Loyce.
The Knights of Loyce were taken by Chaos, and lost all sense of purpose and being. The few woeful souls that trudged back home were guided by some faint vestige of self.
This soul is pure sorrow, and only Alsanna can put it to rest.


Obtained by slaying Charred Loyce Knights in The Old Chaos. They can also be collected in co-op as a phantom. Due to their low drop rates, wearing Item Discovery gear is highly recommended.

Farming the Souls Edit

At first, players will more than likely notice that they will receive almost always the equipment (armor set, shield and greatsword) of these Charred Knights of Loyce, this is because the equipment itself has a higher chance to drop, which often overrides the chance of the Loyce Souls to drop.

However, the loot pool for all equipments are limited per playthrough, which means that after obtaining a certain item from a specific enemy, a certain amount of times, those items will stop dropping from its respective source, therefore, the faster a player can acquire those items, the faster it is to find the Loyce Souls (which are either unlimited, or stop dropping after 50 have been collected).

In shorter terms, the Loyce Souls start dropping much more regularly after the Charred Knights dropping a specific number of items.

After slaying the Burnt Ivory King, the area of The Old Chaos becomes opened indefinitely and players may farm the three Charred Loyce Knights that there appear, however, players are advised to farm the knights during the boss fight itself, as they will be backed up by any rescued Loyce Knights, and also due to the fact that the Charred Loyce Knights themselves are much more numerous. Simply equip a Ring of Life Protection and cast yourself off the cliff as the Burnt Ivory King fight phase commences. This will cost players the repair of the mentioned ring, but its repair is eased from the souls obtained with the Charred Loyce Knights. Or alternatievely, if you worry about your soul memory, you can warp into Shulva and preform a guard break with a whip on the repair tree, which will repair any equipped item.


Loyce Souls do not yield any souls upon consumption, instead they are collected for Alsanna, who will reward the player depending upon the amount of souls they have collected. The souls cannot be traded.

Amount of Souls Rewards

Loyce Leggings
Loyce Gauntlets

15 Loyce Armor
35 Loyce Helm
50 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle
Unlocks purchase of the Ivory King Set from Maughlin in Majula


  • The best moment to farm Loyce Souls is at the battle prior to fighting the Burnt Ivory King himself, as a large number of Charred Loyce Knights (about 9+) will take part in the encounter.
  • As with the rest of the enemies in the game, the Charred Loyce Knights will stop appearing after a determined number of visits to the Old Chaos, allowing a player to collect only about 10~20 Loyce Souls in an offline playthrough. (After Patch 1.10, joining the Covenant of Champions makes it so enemies do not despawn, making it possible to infinitely farm the souls.

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