The Mace of the Insolent is a hammer in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The mace of formerly high-ranking clerics. It is combined with a sacred chime, and can cast miracles and hexes with strong attack.
The clerics held venerated positions once, but now, their souls wander aimlessly in the depths of a murky darkness.
Effect: use miracle and hex (strong attack)


Located in the Undead Crypt in the pit, after encountering two Imperious Knights.

Characteristics Edit

The Mace of the Insolent is a powerful weapon. It deals a total of three damage types, can cast any magic that a Chime can and has an average weight for a hammer.

Once upgraded, the weapon favors its Dark based damage over the other two, and for this reason it is advised to give it a Dark Infusion as it will significantly increase its damage output. This can prove especially effective for hexers, as it becomes a strong catalyst while still being useful in melee combat.

This weapon should be viewed similarly to other weapons that double as catalysts, like the Blue Flame, and their strategies also apply accordingly, for instance, using two Maces of the Insolent means that the player can buff them with either Sunlight Blade or Dark/Resonant Weapon and then powerstance them to get additional attack moves while still being able to cast spells.


  • Upgraded with Titanite.
  • +10 Mace of the Insolent deals 110 base physical damage, 160 base Dark damage, and 90 base Lightning damage. The scaling doesn't change, however.


Dark Souls 2 Mace of the Insolent Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

Dark Souls 2 Mace of the Insolent Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

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