The Mad Warrior is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.


His attacks deal bleeding damage, having a shield with high bleed defense or rolling is advised.

  • He has a large aggro distance so it is common to see him outside his spawn point and running toward you. This is a good chance to put on your farming gear.
  • Roll past his swings. Backstab him and repeat until victory.
  • Using a weapon with high poise damage can easily stagger-lock him. Even when running out of stamina while swinging, you will still have enough time to back off before he can hit you. Doing this repeatedly is an easy way to beat him with no trouble.
  • He often backs up and uses jumping attacks, which are easily avoided by rolling.


Item Berserker Blade
Berserker Blade
Mad Warrior Mask
Mad Warrior Mask
Mad Warrior Armor
Mad Warrior Armor
Mad Warrior Gauntlets
Mad Warrior Gauntlets
Mad Warrior Leggings
Mad Warrior Leggings
Drop Rate Rare ??? ??? ??? ???


  • Must be in the Bell Keepers covenant for him to spawn.
  • He's a rare spawn near the ladder across from the bell lever.
  • Since the Mad Warrior spawns instead of invades, wearing the Delicate String will not increase the chance of his appearance.
  • He wears the Mad Warrior Set and dual wields the Berserker Blade (both of which are rare drops from him).
  • Respawns infinitely, more likely to spawn in offline mode.
  • Burning ascetics increases spawn rate and resets his item drop list.
  • Wearing the Bell Keeper's Seal is not mandatory to spawn the Mad Warrior.
  • Spawn rate decreases with repeated kills
  • Defeating him allows the player to rank up in the Bell Keeper covenant.
  • When on low health, he uses an estus flask to restore HP.


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