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For this weapon in Dark Souls, see Mail Breaker.

The Mail Breaker is a thrusting sword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A slightly stubby thrusting sword. Has a sharp, sturdy blade designed for thrusting.
The Mail Breaker has limited reach, but a powerful critical attack. Effective against foes donning thick armor or with naturally hard skin.
Effect: shield piercing (strong attack)


Strong attacks with this weapon completely bypass shield defenses.

Due to its low base damage and mediocre scaling, it is wise to infuse with either bleed, poison, or mundane.

This is a niche weapon, as it works great against tanks and greatshield users, especially when infused with bleed or poison.

After the developers patched the critical multipliers for daggers in general, they became much less used as their backstabs and ripostes dealt much less damage. However, the Mail Breaker always had a moderate critical modifier like the unpatched daggers, which means that is now superior to any other dagger, potentially being able to deal more damage than even the top tier daggers. This, added to the fact that its moveset is that of a rapier, with the exception that its one handed strong attack is exactly the same has its one handed weak attack, makes it so that the Mail Breaker, though a Rapier, is in essence quite possibly the best dagger in the game.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack
Identical to weak attack.
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack
A quick upward thrusting attack, followed by another.
Jump Attack Standard plunging attack with a very low range.
Running Attack Quick thrusting attack.
Rolling Attack Quick Thrusting attack.
Power Stance Weak Attack
A swift forward stabbing attack, followed by another.
Power Stance Strong Attack
A forward stabbing attack, followed by another.
Guard break
Standard guard break.
Weak Attack
A quick thrusting attack, followed by another.
Strong Attack
Identical to weak attack.



  • The Mail Breaker has appeared in every game of the Souls series.
  • When executing a backstab, it causes damage twice- once on the stab, and once when pulling out the sword.
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