The Malformed Skull is a great hammer in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The skull of some unidentified creature. Swing as a great hammer to use as a weapon.
Possibly the skull of a dragon. A rare specimen, likely too rare to be swung about willy-nilly.


Enhanced Undead - Drop

Guaranteed drop by the Mimic out the front of Aldia's Keep in Scholar of the First Sin.


  • Has extremely low durability.
  • Raw Malformed Skull+10 has 598 pure physical damage.
  • Enchanted infusion add a C scale from intelligence (but anyway, the damage will be less than in the raw infusion).
  • Very good for any elemental infusion (for example, with lightning infusion it has 364 physical + 364 lightning damage. Under Sunlight Blade it has 364+364+159=887 AR).
  • Has the best ratio of weight \ damage in the game for its class. 


Dark Souls 2 Malformed Skull Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

Dark Souls 2 Malformed Skull Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

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