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The Manslayer is a katana in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A katana with a terribly worn blade. Appears useless, but is in fact coated with deadly poison.
The sword has claimed countless victims, and the bloodstains upon its blade have turned to poison.

Location Edit

Located near the forth bonfire of Shrine of Amana (Rise of the Dead). Start from the bonfire, and go through the its natural progression (must be hollow to open a certain gate). After getting to the other tower, simply go down, the Manslayer is found inside a chest behind the columns in the water, to the left.

Characteristics Edit

This katana is interesting, due to the fact that it is exactly the same as the Uchigatana when fully upgraded, with the added bonus of dealing poison damage, besides that, its damage, its scaling and moveset is identical in every way.

Its only real downsides to the Uchigatana are that it must be upgraded through Twinkling Titanite, its extra unit of weight when compared to the Uchigatana and that it is the inferior choice if the player wants to go for an elemental infusion. It has also a very minute increase to its stats requirement, thus being the second easiest katana to wield, the first being the Uchigatana.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Quick, alternating diagonal slashes from right to left.
Strong Attack
Stabbing motion with high starting lag, followed by an upward diagonal slash.
Weak Attack
Alternating diagonal slashes.
Strong Attack
Down horizontal slash followed by a parallel 180 degree slash.
Jump Attack Jumping vertical strike.
Running Attack A very fast, lunging thrust with short range and decent damage, but small hitbox.
Rolling Attack 180 degree horizontal slash.
Power Stance Weak Attack
Parallel slash from left to right, followed by a diagonal slash from right to left.
Power Stance Strong Attack
Vertical slash attacks starting from opposite directions.
Guard break
Standard guard break.
Weak Attack
Alternating diagonal slashes from left to right.
Strong Attack
Strong thrusting attack with small range and decent damage, but a small hitbox.


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