Melinda the Butcher is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Wherever the lost and wretched gather, those who prey upon them are never far away. So it always has been, and so it is in The Gutter, a settlement of filth and pestilence where the endless struggle to survive has driven its darker souls to seek sustenance through the consumption of living flesh. Beware, lest the cannibalistic legacy claim yet another victim...[1]


Melinda wears the Prisoner's Hood, Prisoner's Tatters and Prisoner's Gloves. She attacks with a Greataxe +3. If defeated in The Gutter, she can be summoned to fight the Ancient Dragon.


  • Melinda will invade shortly after the player reaches the steel chest containing the Ring of Soul Protection, on the platform that must be dropped down to in order to return to the first bonfire. She may invade while the player is still on the upper platform, and as she has no ranged weapons may be helpless to attack the player who is free to dispatch her with ranged attacks.
  • It is possible that Melinda is a throwback to Maneater Mildred, an invader in Dark Souls. Both characters are poorly armored and are equipped with a large axe-type weapon, and Mildred invades the player in a poison-infested area that is comparable in both design and purpose to The Gutter. Both are also able to be summoned for a boss fight afterwards, Chaos Witch Quelaag for Maneater Mildred and the Ancient Dragon for Melinda the Butcher.


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