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  • Hey Fingyer,

    I was wondering if you could try to find a few minutes to drop by chat some time soon? Just if you happen across the Wiki and see me in there, pop in, I need to talk to you about something over PM. All the best!


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  • If i understood its function correctly, i got a "Mass edit" kind of job for Kossetsu regarding standardization of the "Equip Load" various used terms.

    Lately, i created a page (with Cosmic's approval) for the Equip Load stat in DS2, as it is a very important mechanic in DS2.

    But now, linking each page to Equip Load would be quite long, and Standardizing the terms used to describe the "weight" or "Maximum weight" in a LOT of pages would be even more strenuous.

    If your Bot could just give me a list of

    - Each (items/weapons/armor pieces) Dark Souls 2 pages with terms such as "weight", "maximum weight", "equip load", "equipment load", and "encumbrance". -

    , it would be appreciated. I could then make the necessary edits. I doubt the bot can do this on its own, as it involves a LOT of "Contextual re-wording".

    I do not know if such a job is important enough to use a bot, but it definitely should be attended to by someone, but this would be pretty long without some sort of program to get the pages that need editing.

    I also sent this message to OrcBot's owner, Balagog-gro-Nolob, so check on his wall before issuing any command to Kossetsu (if you choose to do), to prevent wasting time.

    Thanks for reading.


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  • Hi, Fingyer!

    Dark Souls II has been nominated for Game of the Year, Excellence in Design and Direction, and Most Valuable Add-on Content for the SXSW Awards which Wikia is officially hosting this year! In order to drive any fans to the voting page that might be interested in rallying for their favorite game, we were wondering if we could place a badge on your main page that links to it?

    Best regards,


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  • I, with all due respect, am asking you to reopen the Thread of Manus and the theory of the Furtive Pygmy, as I am truly interested in this subject and would like to hear more about it.

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  • Hey Folks!

    I'm reaching out to you and the other Dark Souls Admins because Wikia is looking to do year-end community choice awards across several gaming Wikias, and we wanted to include you guys since Dark Souls 2 was one of the biggest releases this year. It’d be in the style of this poll, and live on the wiki, hopefully with a temporary link somewhere on the front page.

    I know I’ve talked to you guys before about a CCA, & the difficulty of selecting candidates for Dark Souls 2, given the overwhelming number of candidates for stuff like best weapon, armor, spell, etc., but given that we’re aiming for a year end launch date, it’d probably have to be a bit less comprehensive. If you guys can come up with a list of categories/candidates, I can happily handle the rest.

    Anyways, please let me know what you think when you get a chance, and if you don’t think it’s a good fit, no worries at all.

    Hope you’ve got some fun stuff planned for the Holidays!


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  • I'm requesting adminship

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  • Just came across a recent poll that was ended before I even saw it?

    Are we not highlighting polls for actual communication to take place on it?

    I would think polls at least should get a quick highlight so others are aware of them in the future?

    Forums are rarely visited by majority of editors and when they do they might not go to every section to see what is being presented. The red flag in my notifications really helps people in seeing what is currently being polled.

    Just a suggestion.

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    • Discussions are easily moved to Forums my friend :p We just need to know that there will be some sort of discussion to happen and not just the same thing twice in a row.

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    • I understand that... I like a good discussion. In it's right time and place with at least hopes of being discussed civilly. :)

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  • We recently had a nice constructive forum discussion on the information placed on the Binoculars page, as I hope you recall? 

    And though we had some differences of opinion a few changes were made and I believe we came to an agreed upon compromise with how to display the information and what portions should be removed and what would stay. 

    You even made the final wording to the information.

    After all the discussion that we did on the page another editor came in and changed the information to wording that did not fit with what we discussed. I changed it back as the wording had false information in it about the bow. It was then changed again by editor with bow information taken out but basically just changing the note to a simple 1st person to 3rd person reference. (which still was not totally acurate nor got the point across that using Binoculars is the only way to remove character from screen.) He was not willing to discus how to better word the information but only insisted he be the one to word it.

    I refered him to the forum discussion and he proceeds to post on it that the information was not important so he was going to delete in anyways. He also mentions possibly another way remove character from screen but does not specify how to do so. I am assuming he might be referring to simply trying to hide the character behind other object, or something to that effect? (which is hardly the same as what can be achieved with binoculars. And is not removing character from screen but just momentarily obstructing it from view) But I don't know because he won't share the information and simply deleted what we worked on.

    The undo train on the page is getting out of hand an an Admin might need to step in? 

    I don't feel that the process of talking on the forum to get concensus on a subject is working when someone later comes in and says they don't care and undid everything we discussed. A warning or something really should be presented to curb the actions of this editor. He does a lot of good editting work but that shouldn't allow him to get away with the "my way or the hi-way" mentality. 

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  • Should probably ban his second account too: User:Flynn the Thief

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  • hey fingyer can you deal with ant'lyndaer barri'ana aka draven mephiles of faerun cause he's been cussing out the gray wolf these past few days for undoing his edits and I don't want him to think he can get away with it 

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