Messaging is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II

General InformationEdit

Messaging is the process of leaving a message in order for another host of another world to read it. This is done by pressing the pause button and scrolling over to the messaging tab.

Messages cannot always be trusted, as all messages are written by other players. Some messages may tell the player to make a jump that will result in his or her death. In the same regard, a message that comes highly rated is typically more trustworthy than a message that has received few ratings.

Messages do not always need to be left in order to give directions or lead another player to his or her death, but instead they can be used comically in some situations. These messages are also typically highly rated.

Rating a message, or having a message rated, will result in the restoration of some of the message writer's health.

A maximum of 10 messages can be left by any one character.



The terms falling under the Creatures category are mostly enemy types, with various levels of precision, ranging from vague terms such as "beast" and "monster" to the literal "Gyrm".

Personality descriptives are also encompassed within this category, with terms such as "ally", "liar", and "merchant".


Body PartsEdit

The 'Body Parts' category contains numberous types of human body parts (as the name would suggest), as well as creatures parts. Notably 'wheel' and 'horse' are in this category, despite being categorically differant then the rest.


In order to write something from the Musings category, the player has to select a message template composed only of the fill space and any or no punctuation (such as "****..." , "****!" , "****?" , and "****".) as these Musings are mostly complete sentences by themselves (such as "Are you ready?" and "Now the real fight begins".) , while some contain punctuation of their own (such as "Praise the Sun!" and "Here!".).







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