For the Dark Souls variant, see Mimic.
"Long ago, there was a clan that was exiled for their avarice. In their exile, they were branded with a symbol of greed, and with it a curse. But, truly, suffering leads to great power, and the clan walks the earth still."
— Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition Guide

Mimics are a type of enemies in Dark Souls II.


Similarly to their Dark Souls counterpart; Mimics pretend to be treasure chests and attack when the player attempts to open them. Opening a mimic chest usually results in death, but they won't respawn when killed. Unlike their counterpart in Dark Souls, mimics are not bipedal and instead crawl on the ground upside down.

Wood chest Mimics can be spotted by their teeth, visible from the small crack in the chest.

Iron chest Mimics, however, have 2 small silvery locks, whilst the regular do not.


Dark Souls IIEdit

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Mimics can be countered in a multitude of ways. One way to tell the difference between a wooden chest and a Mimic is to look at the front. If there is a lock, do not open it. If there's none, then it's a normal chest (but may still be rigged with a trap). It is also possible to see the Mimic's teeth underneath the lid, which is slightly open, as opposed to the fully closed lid of a normal chest.

Likewise, there are differences between a normal iron chest and a Mimic which make them easier to tell apart. A Mimic disguised as an iron chest has a slightly clearer color scheme in comparison, and portrays two white vertical hinges on the front, one on each side.

If a player attacks a normal chest, it won't display the amount of damage inflicted like an enemy. Be careful, though, as chests can be destroyed, turning its contents into Rubbish. If it's a Mimic, a health bar will appear, warning the player of danger. When a Mimic is hit, it won't do anything for a few seconds before it stands up and attacks.

When opening up, the Mimic can injure any player standing too close to it and, in cases with low Poise, will knock the player down. The Mimic uses a spitting attack that does decent damage, but is so poor to connect that it requires the player be almost directly in front of it. It can also attempt to grab the player but the animation is easy to spot and it has a short range.

Mimics are also weak to Lloyd's Talismans. Throwing a talisman at them, while they're still pretending to be a chest, will put the Mimic in a dormant state, slightly open. This way, the Mimic is still alive, but the player can still grab the item inside and escape. Unlike its Dark Souls counterpart, Lloyd's Talismans can only be used while the Mimic is in chest form.


  • Four of the Mimics each drop a piece of the Dark Set.
  • The Mimics in Aldia's Keep and the Iron Keep are disguised as metal chests, rather than the normal wooden variant.
  • A chest with a lock can be found in Black Gulch. This is a normal chest, however, and not a Mimic.
  • Even though the Mimic looks like it attacks from the front as it is getting up after the player has hit it, the hitbox is about as large as the Mimic's full size. Thus, players should either be absolutely sure they can kill the Mimic before it stands up, or get out of range before continuing the fight.