Moan is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Offer a gentle prayer to the shield, causing the woman's face to give out a low moan and attract enemies.


When activated, the woman's face engraved on the Moaning Shield will emit a low moan, attracting any enemies nearby.


Single playerEdit

Arguably useful for attracting lesser or even stronger enemies and lure them out from more dangerous areas. Its usage is not as versatile, though, since most enemies can be drawn-in with conventional ranged attacks.

Online gameplayEdit

Useful when invading another player's world by activating the skill in areas where many enemies are scattered about, calling them to aid in battle.

Also useful as a host, by using the skill to recruit a large number of enemies and then using a Seed of a Giant Tree or casting Rapport to make them attack the invader.


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