For the Dark Souls variant, see Painting Guardian Sword.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Painting Guardian's Curved Sword.

The Monastery Scimitar is a curved sword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

When a true master wields this scimitar, their graceful chained attacks are described as mystical dances, and their deadly slashes as lingering nightmares.


Rare drop from The Painting Protector in Aldia's Keep (NG+). The Protector will be inside the first painting to the left of the second bonfire in the Keep. The Painting Protector only spawns once per playthrough, but can be respawned by using a Bonfire Ascetic.


  • Prior to Patch 1.06 the Monastery Scimitar had no delay to its parry.

Characteristics Edit

Rare curved blade dropped by the Painting Guardian, it is the Dark Souls II equivalent of the Painting Guardian Sword.

Retaining parts of its ancestor's characteristics, the Monastery Scimitar bolsters the unique sword dance that made it one of most highly combo-able scimitars, despite its lackluster regular movesets.

Sharing the falchion moveset means that the Monastery Scimitar will have limited combo option comparing to some other scimitars, and its short length also forces user to move in closer, thus telegraphing an attack.

However, the Monastery Scimitar's unique one-hand strong attacks is truly what makes the weapon. A mesmerizing yet lethal dance that can take away a large portion of the enemy's health, paired with the high poise break of the attack usually means that an opponent will be hit with all four of the slashes - decimated, if not dead.

Compared to the Painting Guardian Sword, it lacks a unique two-handed strong attack. The Painting Guardian Sword has a two-handed variant of the one hand strong attack, hitting more and harder.

A popular strategy was to use it as an offhand, parry-dedicated weapon, thanks to its instant parry frame. However, it lost its popularity soon after several patches which changed its parry frame.

Moveset Edit

Attack Description
Weak Attack
Identical to falchion. Right to left slash, followed by left-right horizontal slash.
Strong Attack
Unique. Two circular, right to left slashes, followed by two saggital slashes. High poise break.
Weak Attack
Identical to all curved swords.
Strong Attack
Identical to all curved swords.
Jump Attack Standard jump attack.
Running Attack Standard curved sword saggital slash.
Running Attack
Standard curved sword two-hand run attack. Low-right to high left.
Rolling Attack Standard curved sword rolling attack. Left to right horizontal slash after spin.
Rolling Attack
Standard curved sword two-handed rolling attack. Left to right horizontal slash after rapid spin.
Power Stance Weak Attack
Standard curved sword powerstance. Two horizontal slashes, beginning with right, then left. Followed by another in reversed order.
Power Stance Strong Attack
Standard curved sword powerstance strong attack. Outward horizontal slash after spin.
Guard break
Weak Attack
Mirrored right hand attacks.
Strong Attack
Curved sword parry. OR after right hand light attack, perform a mirrored one hand strong attack that cannot be chained with the second heavy attack.
Dark Souls 2 Monastery Set Armor Guide Painting Guardian Armor from Dark Souls05:32

Dark Souls 2 Monastery Set Armor Guide Painting Guardian Armor from Dark Souls

Dark Souls 2 Monastery Scimitar Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)03:57

Dark Souls 2 Monastery Scimitar Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

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