The Moon Butterfly Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Shield depicting the moon butterfly. A decorative shield not intended for battle, but effective at poisoning foes.
Little is known about the moon butterfly, which only appears on full-moon nights in winter. Some say the butterfly is a magical being, and its larvae have never once been spotted.


Can only be obtained from the chest in Maughlin the Armorer's building, on NG++, and beyond. It can be more easily acquired by burning Bonfire Ascetics on the bonfire of Majula.


Contrary to its accompanying set, this shield will not cause any poison buildup to enemies, as such, it is completely safe use around NPC's. Another difference that sets it apart from that set is the fact that it is upgradeable by regular Titanite, as opposed to the Twinkling Titanite.

This shield is indeed a very odd, yet, interestingly useful addition to any player. As its text says, this is not a shield made for defense, but rather for attacking enemies using its poison buildup damage, it is so powerful in fact that it can poison foes with little armor, within 3 hits as such, this is more than likely the most poison damaging source in the game (excluding spells), ironically. Its effectiveness, however, is cut short by an extreme margin as the hitbox of the shield is very little, and if the enemy slightly moves to the side, it will most likely not register a hit. It requires an extreme amount of skill to use effectively.

Apart from extremely high poison resistance, its stats are more than likely the worst stats of any shield in-game, therefore, the only thing that this shield should be used to defend is the thrown bile of the poisonous statues in Black Gulch. As such it is strongly recommended to infuse it with poison as it will greatly increase the poison damage, and it will reach 100% poison resistance while blocking.

Notes Edit

  • It is the lightest shield within the game, weighing only 1, the same as the Crimson Parma;
  • Interestingly enough, its design suggests that the shield itself was intended to go on the back of players using the Moon Butterfly Set (when "two handing" any other weapon on the other hand), thus camouflaging the shield on the back, and also making it appear as if the player had 4 wings. This however becomes obvious to detect since all shields tilt to the side, and this one is no exception, thus making it look as if the wings are crooked and misaligned. It is possibly a design flaw, unintended by the developers.
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