Mounted Overseers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Mounted Overseers are actually two entities: the overseer itself which resembles the Suspicious Shadows that are fought alongside the Flexile Sentry in NG+, and the unnamed beast that it rides. The riders are unable to attack themselves so they rely on their mounts to defend against threats.

Mounted Overseers are only encountered in Harvest Valley.


Mounted Overseers look intimidating but they are relatively simple enemies to handle. Their most dangerous attack is to hurl an orb of dark energy at the player that deals a large amount of damage, even if blocked. However the projectile travels slowly and it can be easily avoided by moving behind the beast. Another good idea is to maintain higher ground and use ranged attacks as they cannot aim their dark orb projectiles vertically, keeping the player safe while putting them at a major advantage.

At close range, the overseer's mount will attempt to crush the player with powerful melee blows. It can often chain several attacks together in one strike which will quickly deplete the player's stamina. It is advisable to move away from the creature and counterattack whilst it is recovering.

Mounted Overseers are often encountered in poison-filled areas so close combat is not advised unless the player has a strong poison resistance. It is safer to dispatch them from a safe distance with ranged weapons.

Shooting the Overseer itself does the same amount of damage as it does to its Mount.


Their most commonly used attack is to hurl a giant orb of darkness, akin to the Dark Orb the player can cast, which deals a large amount of damage. However, as intimidating this attack may look, it has a large windup to it and travels slowly with no tracking so dodging is advised instead of blocking.

The other attack is used when the player is in front and in close proximity of the beast it will swipe with its arm which may be chained for several hits. This attack just like the orb of darkness can easily be avoided by dodging to the side of the creature and move behind it for some easy hits while it recovers.


Item Smooth & Silky Stone
Smooth & Silky Stone
Sunlight Medal II
Sunlight Medal
Drop Rate Semi-rare Rare


  • When killed, the Overseer will fall off its mount, then be crushed as the mount falls on top of them.