Mundane is an upgrade path in Dark Souls II. Mundane weapons are crafted with Old Mundane Stones.


When a weapon is infused with Mundane, its base damage will drop drastically and it will lose any scaling it had prior. However, it will also gain very high scaling with whatever the player's lowest leveled stat is. This can be any stat, meaning that if the player's lowest stat is in Vitality, the weapon will now scale with it. This scaling will be the same regardless of the weapon. For example, if the players lowest stat is at 25, then no matter what weapon is infused, it will have a damage bonus of 220 from scaling.

Due to the nature of this upgrade path, lower leveled players, or players with specified builds, will not be able to make good use of it, but high leveled players, or players with their stats evenly spread out, will be able to make full use of it.

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