The Murky Longstaff is a staff in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.

In-Game Description

The long-handled staff wielded by the murkmen who rise from the depths.
Slathered with a black murkiness, and fit for dark sorceries.
Skill: Chant from the Depths
Works with staff equipped in left or right hand. Briefly boosts the strength of dark sorceries.


Found in The Dreg Heap. From the The Dreg Heap bonfire, proceed through the level until the church with two Lothric Knights. When leaving the church, proceed toward the right. In the back room of the building, a corpse will be holding the staff.


The Murky Longstaff is unique in that it is capable of casting Dark sorceries with great effectiveness, despite not relying on Faith scaling. This makes it an ideal staff for players fully dedicated to Intelligence builds, without sacrificing the need to invest in Faith. Additionally, its effectiveness at casting Dark Sorceries soft-caps at 45 Intelligence, meaning that casters can achieve optimal results with this staff without the need to go all the way up to 60 Intelligence.

It is, however, weaker for casting regular sorceries, even at 60 Intelligence, and its damage of dark spells when compared to an optimized Izalith Staff is very lacking. Still, it plays its part in terms of versatility.


Reinforced with Titanite.



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