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The Name-engraved Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A special ring that can be engraved with the name of a god.
Becomes easier to connect to worlds of players who chose the same god.
There are countless vestiges of long-lost gods in the ruins of Drangleic.
Or perhaps they are the very same gods as ours, only known by different names.



This ring allows for the player to easily access other players' worlds with similarly engraved rings. This allows players to easily connect with friends, a mechanic that wasn't implemented in Dark Souls.

Upon equipping the ring, the player will be given a choice between ten different gods. Once a god is chosen, the player will be able to easily connect with other players who have chosen the same god. This makes summoning friends much easier as it's a sort of "private summoning". It can also be used to summon black phantoms via Red Sign Soapstone. Once summoned, the player can remove this ring without any harmful side effects.

As in normal co-operative play, Soul Memory is the determining factor for whom players can and cannot summon. In addition to narrowing the pool of players who the player may summon for co-op, the Name-engraved Ring increases the effective Soul Memory range used to do so. For more information on summoning players and the effects of the Name-engraved Ring on Soul Memory, see Cooperative Gameplay (Dark Souls II).

Gods Edit

The names of the ten gods are:

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