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The Nameless Knight Set is an armor set in Dark Souls III.


Found on a corpse in a small alcove in the bog of Farron Keep near the ladder that leads to the Old wolf of Farron bonfire.


The Nameless Knight Set can be seen as a lighter alternative to the Knight Set, and as such, will not be nearly as robust as the set itself.

Although it is inferior to the heavier medium armor sets, it has a rather manageable weight for its class, while providing a solid defense overall.

Like most metallic armor sets, it is susceptible to strike damage, but is surprisingly more resilient to lightning than average. It boasts a very impressive resistance to bleed, as well.

Set PiecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Nameless Knight Helm
Nameless Knight Helm
3.8 3.1 4.2 3.6 2.1 3.4 2.4 2.1 26 15 14 10 3.8 2.2 350 100
Nameless Knight Armor
Nameless Knight Armor
11.7 10.0 12.3 11.1 7.6 11.0 8.4 7.6 61 38 35 21 9.3 8.2 360 100
Nameless Knight Gauntlets
Nameless Knight Gauntlets
3.0 2.6 3.3 2.9 2.1 3.1 2.3 2.1 19 10 9 6 2.8 2.2 350 100
Nameless Knight Leggings
Nameless Knight Leggings
7.0 6.0 7.4 6.7 4.9 6.9 5.4 4.9 36 22 20 11 5.6 5.6 360 100


  • This is a recurring armor set that can be found within all of the Dark Souls games to date, similarly to other rather popular sets.

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