Neck Swipe is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

This attack aims for the scruff of a foe's neck, and when successful, functions as a head shot, inflicting heavy damage.


When performed, the user brings the scythe back, blade raised above the head, and then swings it in a downward diagonal way. If the blade connects with the head of the enemy, it will count as a headshot, dealing almost double the damage than if any other portion of the enemy is struck.

This skill requires 13 FP to perform (10 FP when the Farron Ring is equipped).


Single playerEdit

Careful when going against large enemies, as the skill is easier to perform on human sized enemies.

Online gameplayEdit

Good to use when players roll to your left. However, due to the scythe's trajectory aiming towards the head, it is possible for players to crouch under the attack.



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