For the Dark Souls variant, see New Game Plus.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see New Game Plus.

New Game Plus is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.

Upon receiving an ending and arriving back to Majula, New Game+ (or NG+) can be entered at any time from the Far Fire bonfire.


The story and events in New Game+ are identical to New Game. The player keeps all non-story based acquired weapons, armor, items and rings, and retains their level, stats, and covenant standings. The primary differences are an increase in game difficulty, in the form of more powerful enemies, and greater reward in souls for their defeat. However, other differences include the introduction of new enemies in certain locations, additional item drops from certain bosses, and even minor changes to a few boss fight mechanics.

Items lostEdit

Exceptions are the keys added for accessing The Lost Crowns downloadable content (In SotFS, these keys are also lost).

New Game+ and beyondEdit

Once the player reaches the end again, they will start with an even harder difficulty and an increase in souls received from enemies, but only marginally so. Enemies gain two, three, or four times the damage and souls while health usually only doubles. After this, the increase is minute. The difficulty increase stops at New Game+10.

Additional changesEdit

Along with an increase in difficulty, there are other differences between New Game and New Game+.

Things Betwixt


  • The Moon Butterfly Set is now purchasable from Maughlin the Armorer.
  • A new Skeleton enemy is added in the mansion basement for each addition of New Game+ (i.e. if one is on New Game +2, there will be three skeletons in the basement).

Forest of Fallen Giants

Heide's Tower of Flame

No-man's Wharf

The Lost Bastille

Sinner's Rise

  • During the fight with The Lost Sinner, two pyromancer phantoms will spawn. (They may not appear if a Bonfire Ascetic is used in NG.)
  • A red phantom Undead Prisoner spawns near the stairs to the left side of the flooded area.
  • A pair of red phantom Undead Jailers guard the doors to light the boss arena.
  • Two Enhanced Undead spawns at the beginning of the flooded area (SotFS).

Huntsman's Copse

Undead Purgatory

Harvest Valley

Iron Keep

Shaded Woods

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

  • Large boar enemies will spawn with the Enslaved Pigs at the Royal Army Campsite. They always drop a Divine Blessing.
  • Additional red phantom Parasite Spiders will spawn in areas with regular ones, such as the third bonfire area.
  • An additional Blue Flame wielding phantom will spawn on the other side of the wall leading to the spike pit.
  • The Duke's Dear Freja will climb over the cliff after the rolling boulders and attack the player by surprise. It will retreat after a while, but any damage done to it will carry over to the actual boss fight.

Grave of Saints

Drangleic Castle

Shrine of Amana

  • A red phantom wielding the Butcher's Knife spawns past the second bonfire near the first Ogre.

Undead Crypt


  • If the player is hollow when they meet the Old Ladies in NG+, the game will think they are on NG and will reset all stats to base levels, making them go through the character creation once more but keeping the difficulty at NG+ level.

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