For the Dark Souls variant, see New Game Plus.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see New Game Plus (Dark Souls II).

New Game Plus, commonly abbreviated as NG+, is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III. It is a new adventure presented to the player after having completed the game, characterized for having a higher difficulty level and adding a few new items for them to collect (these mainly being higher versions of many rings).


Upon defeating the Soul of Cinder and arriving back at Firelink Shrine, New Game+ can be entered at any time from that particular bonfire.

The process repeats each time the player completes a game cycle, with each new adventure being harder than the last. This continues on until reaching New Game+ 7, which is the hardest mode the game has to offer.


The story and events in New Game+ are identical to New Game. The player keeps all non-story based acquired weapons, armor, items, and rings; and retains their level, stats, and covenant standings. The primary differences are an increase in game difficulty, in the form of more powerful enemies and a greater reward in souls for their defeat.

The player character's Hollowing stat will be unaffected by starting NG+.

Items lostEdit

  • All keys.
  • Dark Sigils

Additional changesEdit

Additional rings can be found throughout Lothric on New Game+. Further additions may be found on the third cycle, New Game++. After this, the only changes are to difficulty and soul rewards.


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