Oath of Sunlight is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Raise the sword aloft when praising the sun to boost attack and damage absorption for self and allies in vicinity. The warriors of sunlight are co-operators from an ancient age.


The wielder holds the sword in prayer then raises it skyward, buffing themselves and all nearby allies, increasing damage absorption and damage dealt by weapons and spells. Damage absorption is increased by 7.5% across the board, while damage dealt is increased by 11.5%. The effect lasts for 45 seconds.

In PvP, the values are reduced to 1.5% absorption increase and 2.5% bonus damage.


Single playerEdit

Because it costs less FP and does not require the use of two Attunement slots, Oath of Sunlight is significantly more convenient to use than Sacred Oath. It provides less defensive power and lasts for less time, however it can be cast much faster and offers a more powerful offensive buff. It is very useful against bosses as the buff can place the player on more even footing against their large health pools and heavy damage.

Online gameplayEdit

As with many other buffs, this miracle has reduced effect against other players, and thus is not as powerful when used to combat invaders or a host and his phantoms. However, it does find use in co-operative play as it can be used to buff all nearby allies to increase their strength across the board, especially when fighting a boss.



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