The Obscuring Ring is a ring in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Ring bestowed upon the Fingers of Rosaria, invaders who seek tongues for their goddess.
Hides the presence of the wearer when far away.
It is said that Rosaria, the mother of rebirth, was robbed of her tongue by her firstborn, and has been waiting for their return ever since.


Obtained by reaching Rank 1 in the Rosaria's Fingers covenant by offering 10 Pale Tongues.


Hides the presence of its wearer when far away.


Wearing this ring will mask the player's presence, rendering them completely invisible to other players up to a certain distance (about 10 meters away, which is slightly shorter than the maximum lock-on distance).


  • There is no visual cue that informs the wearer of this ring having taken effect.
  • Only works against human players. AI-controlled enemies will still detect the player normally.

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