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The Old Sun Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An odd stone ring containing a fiery heat.
Accumulates power as the user is harmed, then explodes, damaging surrounding enemies while leaving its wearer unscathed.
Our deeds will come back to us in some form or another, both good and bad.


It is found in a chest in the misty area after the second bonfire of Shaded Woods.


After taking a certain amount of damage the ring creates an explosion around the user for roughly 400 damage. The wearer is not harmed by the explosion. When activated it will make a distinctive sound followed by a short delay before exploding. This may warn opponents in PvP of the imminent explosion.

The effect of the explosion is stationary however and when it activates, there is a pinpoint that the blast emanates from. This can remain in one spot, even if the player rolls in any direction.

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