Onislayer is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Leap forward and slash mercilessly with both blades, cutting open foes.


The user jumps into the air, lingers for a brief moment and then slashes forward, attacking with both swords dealing moderate damage and staggering any targets hit.


Single playerEdit

This skill is generally useful for staggering strong foes that have little standing Poise, and then following up with further attack combos.

Online gameplayEdit

A small amount of stagger is inflicted upon jumping, if the other player is at point-blank range, locking them in place to be hit by the slash. As well, this attack has a small amount of Hyper Armor, allowing it to resist individual attacks by smaller weapons and thus prevail in a trade. This makes Onislayer a strong skill at combatting foes wielding weapons such as straight swords or curved swords, as it can poise through their attacks and then stagger them for further follow-up attacks.

However, because of the lingering delay, this skill is very easy to punish if proper spacing is not observed, as it has a long recovery that allows the wielder to be easily backstabbed if it misses. As well, its low Poise health does not protect it against the immense Poise damage that larger weapons are capable of, meaning that the wielder can literally be swatted out of the sky by an ultra greatsword, or set up to lose a trade with a Stomp.


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