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"Indeed, I am a sorcerer. With plenty to share.
What champion demands service without recompense?"
— Orbeck

Orbeck of Vinheim is a character in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Once an assassin for hire, a sorcerer only in name, exiled from the Dragon School of Vinheim after turning Undead, on a journey to explore the depths of sorcery.


Orbeck is initially located studying sorcery scrolls on the second floor of the ruined keep in the Road of Sacrifices. He then moves to the Firelink Shrine where he can teach the Ashen One numerous spells. He can be given different scrolls to increase the number of spells he teaches. Once he has taught all his spells and Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince have been defeated his corpse can be found in the Grand Archives along with his ashes.

Lore Edit

Orbeck hails from Vinheim home of the Vinheim Dragon School, a school of sorcery. Orbeck was a member of this school until he was banished when he became undead. Despite his fascintation for magic this was not the reason he was admitted in the dragon school. He was only admitted when he accepted to become an assassin for the school.[1] This is further proven by the black robe he wears which is only used by members of the school that are tasked with more covert work.[2]



Available Item Cost
1 Soul Arrow 1,000
1 Great Soul Arrow 2,000
1 Heavy Soul Arrow 2,000
1 Great Heavy Soul Arrow 4,000
1 Farron Dart 1,000
1 Soul Greatsword 5,000
1 Farron Flashsword 5,000
1 Magic Weapon 4,500
1 Magic Shield 4,500
1 Spook 2,000
1 Aural Decoy 2,000

Sage's ScrollEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Great Farron Dart 2,000
1 Farron Hail 5,000
1 Pestilent Mercury 1,000

Golden ScrollEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Twisted Wall of Light 6,000
1 Cast Light 1,000
1 Repair 2,000
1 Hidden Body 3,000
1 Hidden Weapon 1,500

Logan's ScrollEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Homing Soulmass 6,000
1 Soul Spear 5,000

Crystal ScrollEdit

Available Item Cost
1 Homing Crystal Soulmass 18,000
1 Crystal Magic Weapon 10,000
1 Crystal Soul Spear 15,000


Item Orbeck's Ashes
Orbeck's Ashes
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Dialogue Edit


References Edit

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  2. Clandestine Coat description.

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